New year, new company, new you?

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New year, new company, new you?

With the end of any year approaching it’s always a time to reflect upon previous years and to make promises to yourself and your loved ones for the year ahead, whether those promises are something as simple as giving up biting your nails or something life changing the secret to keeping those ‘resolutions’ is the purpose…If you don’t really want to stop biting your nails it will never happen..but if there are areas of your life that impact on you, your loved ones, your finances and the planet…well you have the massive leverage needed for huge change! All that is missing is the support and knowledge and if it’s connected to going green..well that’s where we step in.

In 2023 we made a resolution, resolutions are not just for New Year you know, a number of people passionate about the planet and delivering power and value to customers got together to form GGG, with a simple mission, to make going green simple both from an information and cost perspective. We’ve just begun our journey but would like to share some steps you can make on yours for new years resolutions that benefit you and the planet simply.

We aim to make going green simple both from an information and cost perspective

Let’s look at some simple resolutions you can make and their impact;

  1. Green your home – There are many simple ways to green your home, lighting can account for 15% of your energy bill and switching to LED is simple to do and can save hundreds. With electricity rates again on the rise also look at off peak energy tariffs, many smart devices can use these and if you have an electric car you’ll save even more!
  2. Green your motoring – Electric cars are the future and with good reason, electric cars are cheaper to run, cleaner and more sustainable than petrol or diesel and can even be cheaper to own with our partnerships. Salary sacrifice schemes can make brand new electric car cheaper to run than running a 5 year old diesel or used ev’s cam cost as little as £5,000! When an electric car costs less than £50 a month to charge at home with lower maintenance costs too that’s a huge saving and with no tailpipe emissions it’s brilliant for the planet too.
  3. Green your energy – There are so many options out there from solar to ground source heat pumps, so what’s best for you? Solar panels in the right set up can pay for themselves in under 3 years, but in other set ups may not be as viable but it’s worth looking at. A quick call to an impartial expert like us could save you thousands on rising energy bills.
  4. Green your diet – Yes even your diet can help not just you but the planet. Did you know that in some cases 80% of crops are used to feed cattle? Or the impact of methane on the environment let alone too much meat on you. Make a resolution to maybe switch one meal a day for vegetarian options, you’d be amazed how simple and tasty it can be!

2024 promises to be an exciting year and like every year starts with a wealth of opportunity, let’s make sure the opportunity doesn’t pass us by, we’re here with you every step of the way.


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