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When it comes to motoring nothing beats an electric car. Whether you are looking for comfort and ride quality, the latest tech or convenience, the handling will match your driving style flawlessly whether that be leisurely or emotive. However, when it comes to sourcing a car where do you start?


Transitioning to electric vehicles is not just a trend; it's a logical progression. Embrace the future, mitigate global warming, and ensure cleaner air for all.

Outright purchase: Prices for used EV’s start at around £5,000 at the moment (January 2024). Batteries do degrade over time, but one of our members has a 10 year old Tesla which still has 90% of the range it had when new, even though it has covered 200,000 miles plus, with less than £1,500 maintenance costs. If you want to buy a new electric vehicle, costs can seem off-putting, but with our partners, you will typically pay just £1,500 more for an electric vehicle than you would for a petrol car. When you consider that the extra spend is recouped in running costs over the first 12 months of ownership, you will begin to see the benefits. There a numerous options to finance the purchase, all of which we can help with.

Leasing: There are many benefits of leasing which come into their own with electric cars. At a time when electric vehicle technology is moving lightning fast, nobody wants to be left with the "betamax" of the car world. This is where the option to lease comes in, as agreements are usually between 24 and 48 months, after which the car can be handed back. There are 2 main options in the vehicle leasing world, "contract hire" where you never own the vehicle, and "contract purchase" meaning you can own the car, but as a result have more liabilities. Again, we can help with both these options, but can also advise on a third and little known better way to driving a brand new electric vehicle.

Salary sacrifice cars: Did you know if you are employed in the UK you can get huge tax breaks on cars courtesy of the government via an employer scheme with no real risk to your employer? Salary sacrifice cars are a game changer, making brand new electric cars cheaper than running a 5 year old diesel. Interested? Learn more about how you can lease a brand new electric vehicle from a third-party supplier through a partnership with your employer.

We work with a number of carefully selected suppliers who not only represent great value, but also great service and are championing sustainability in their organisation. By working with us you will get not only a better deal than a direct customer but also the assurance of first-class service that a buying group brings, you are not just a number, with GGG you are part of a movement.

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Leasing new electric cars:

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