What are my options when it comes to charging my electric vehicle?

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution gains momentum, understanding the diverse charging solutions becomes crucial.

Home Charging Solutions

Primary Charging (Level 1): The latest electric vehicles are equipped with a 120-volt Level 1 charger as a standard feature that can be plugged directly into a standard 3-pin wallbox. Charging this way adds approximately 7 miles in an hour, or 70 miles overnight. For the average driver, this will be enough to cover the daily commute.

Advanced Charging (Level 2): For those after a slightly faster charging rate, Level 2 charging units are now common place for those with their own parking areas or garages.

Broadly speaking, the majority of electric car owners gravitate towards the reliability and expedited charging capabilities of the 7kwh, Level 2 home charging system, that will give you 200 miles of charge overnight.

Workplace Charging

For those without the luxury of home charging or those requiring an additional boost for unforeseen tasks, these stations offer an indispensable solution. A growing number of forward-thinking employers recognise this trend, integrating charging facilities to cater to their workforce's needs.

Public Charging

The move to electric like any aspect of evolution demands a culture change, it’s not about driving toa petrol station to refill, it’s generally about very minor changes that allow you to recharge when youwould stop anyway. For example rather than booking any hotel and then refuelling next morning, viamost sites you can find and book hotels or airbnb’s with chargepoints and let the car recharge whileyou do.Public charging options are exceptionally plentiful but designed to provide the ideal rate of chargedepending on your needs at that time.

Destination charging

In most busy shopping and leisure facilities you’ll have ‘destination chargers’,these are slower chargers typically adding 20 – 30 miles in an hour. They are designed to give you a boost on your daily driving whether it’s 4 chargers at your local supermarket or 120 chargers at the NEC, imagine the latter giving you a full charge while you are visiting a show or 60=80 miles when you are seeing a film or concert.

Rapid or ultra fast chargers are placed within many retail parks and at food outlets but mainly located on every motorway and many a roads we use daily. They tend to be more expensive than charging at home and can be more expensive than petrol unless you use an account card (we can link here later) but are invaluable for the occasional road trip or essential business user. They will deliver 150 miles in as little as 17 minutes or as log as an hour depending on the point (we can link to this later). You can locate the fastest ones via apps such as zapmap but here at GGG we prefer to plan routes around large charging hubs with 10, 20 or 30 ultra fast charge points giving an 80% charge in the time it takes to order a take away coffee.

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