Workplace Charging

Workplace charging can be a minefield but can also be an income generator and a huge benefit to your bottom line, the key is what’s right for you.

Firstly you need to consider placement, chargepoints are not massively expensive but installation can be ten time the hardware cost. A simple 2 port 22kw chargepoint on an external wall could be under £2,000, the same unit 40m away could be £20,000!

The most basic option is 7kw charging on an external wall, but only certain walls are suitable. With the average employee driving 30 miles a day, that takes 90 minutes to generate on a basic 7kw charger. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you need a charge point for every EV, a fair use policy and good placement could mean 3 chargepoints can provide all the energy needs for 20 EV’s to handle all their charging needs at work. Perfect for those who cannot charge at home and you can choose how you charge for electricity for this, free as a benefit, at cost as an incentive or with an uplift as a small profit centre.

How workplace charging can add to your bottom line?

If we told you that many sites can put charging infrastructure in fully funded and even as an additional revenue stream would that surprise you? It’s the reality today, car charging is exploding and the needs of your business are not the only local area of demand. If you are located on an industrial park or by a retail centre and you have spare parking space and electrical supply capacity we can normally provide you chargepoints at work effectively fully funded. Access is controlled to when you are happy to have the public parking there, a weekend perhaps and rates vary depending on who has access. This can even be used by schools and sports clubs in more remote locations.

If you are located by a major a road or have a need to rapid charging (50KW plus) we can even fully fund rapid charging, for your use when you need it but generating enough revenue to pay for the infrastructure when you don’t, not to mention of course massively boosting your brand in the eyes of visitors.

Interested? Well complete the form below and we’ll do a fact find before passing you onto the best supplier and if needed our preferential green finance partner to make the whole thing entirely cost neutral.

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